Getting started with ownership

Welcome to the rewarding world of Sugar Bears! My name is Virgil Klunder and I’m the Executive Director of Pocket Pets. If you are reading these Special Reports you have probably just bought at least one baby Sugar Bear, or you’re interested in learning more about owning them. Either way, you will want to know as much as possible about how to properly feed and care for baby Sugar Bears, and THAT is what these Special Reports are for.

Now just to make sure we’re all on the same page here, Sugar Bears are also commonly known as Sugar Gliders and Honey Gliders – and for all you “scientific types” out there, their scientific name is actually: Petaurus Breviceps.

Now, if you did just adopt some baby Sugar Bears from us, then you’ll be getting your first “New Mom & Dad” Email in the next 24 hours. These emails are packed with all kinds of useful tips & tricks, so if you don’t start getting them by tomorrow, make sure and check your SPAM email box. If they aren’t in there, just email us directly at customerservice@sugarbears.com – and together we will make sure you start getting them. Having said that, over the next few days we’re gonna be giving you a lot of information in the form of Special Reports like this one, daily emails, newsletters, and bunch of great articles & videos inside the Family Circle portion of our website. The important thing remember at this point is just to listen to this entire CD from beginning to end, and don’t get overwhelmed. Our goal is just to make sure you’re prepared for anything – and we will always be right here every step of the way to help answer any questions you might have.

Before you read any further, it’s important for you to understand that there is no one “right way” to raise and care for your Sugar Bears. Unfortunately, nowadays there is a LOT of gossip and incorrect information out there about Sugar Bears, especially on internet chat rooms and web sites, and most of these self-proclaimed Internet “experts” (many of whom only have less than a dozen pairs of Sugar Bears themselves) will try and lead you to believe that THEIR way is the only way to do things, and that anything else is going to hurt – or even kill – your Sugar Bears. Well, just to be blunt – this is complete and utter NONSENSE – and with that in mind, I strongly suggest that you take a second right now and go visit the Association of Sugar Glider Veterinarians website at www.asgv.org. This website, which has been put together by some of the top Sugar Bear Vets in the world – has over 20 FREE educational videos made specifically for new mom’s & dad’s just like you – and one of these videos is entitled: “Why You Should AVOID Taking Advice from the Internet”. This is an excellent video, and I STRONGLY suggest you watch this before ever taking advice from anyone about how to properly take care of your Sugar Bears.

Now, along these same lines, the following link is an independent article that examines the damaging effects of Sugar Bear “expert” internet sites and message boards. It is well-worth taking a couple minutes to read this…Special Report: Sugar Bear Message Boards – Helpful or Harmful

Now to kind of put this in a little better perspective for you, as of the time these reports were originally written, the team here at PocketPets has over FIFTEEN YEARS of experience raising Sugar Bears and placing literally TENS of thousands of these adorable little animals into loving homes just like yours, all around the country. However, even with all these years of experience under our belts, Veterinary science is STILL always coming up with new and better ways to care for our Sugar Bears. The reason why we strongly suggest that you follow ALL the techniques suggested in these reports is not only because they have been very successful for us, but even MORE importantly, they’ve PROVEN (over many years now) to be EXTREMELY effective for thousands of our customers.

With that in mind, here is what we suggest. No matter what ANY other book or website might “claim”, PLEASE at least start with our methods, and then once your babies are about a year old, you can explore any other ideas you like.

Now, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with exploring new ideas when it comes to raising and caring for sugar bears WHEN THEY ARE ADULTS, but as babies it is extremely important to follow the exact diet and care instructions that are laid out for you in these reports and throughout the Family Circle section of our website. EVERYTHING that you will find on our website has been designed and approved by top Veterinarians and licensed animal care professionals who SPECIALIZE in these little animals. For example, the diet we use is specifically designed for Sugar Bears, and all our babies are already used to it. Changing the diet that a young baby is already used to can cause severe illness or even death. Therefore, in the unlikely event you choose to try any other techniques that you find on the Internet, we urge you to please do so with EXTREME caution.

As always, before trying something new, it’s usually a good idea to just ask our advice so that you don’t end up experimenting with your Sugar Bear’s health and safety. Chances are we’ve already tried it at one point or another over the last 15 years – and can tell you exactly why it’s not a good idea. Also, we love to hear from our Moms and Dads with your successes, funny stories and sweet pictures of your Sugar Bears – so keep them coming!

Now on to the “Meat and Potatoes”!

Happy reading!
The PocketPets Team